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SEO copywriting for eco conscious businesses

I’m a Sydney-based SEO copywriter who writes for eco conscious brands. Quality SEO copy is an undeniably effective way to put your website at the fingertips of customers who are searching for the exact product or service you sell.

How? Because SEO copy targets the search terms that your customers type into Google.

It makes you visible.

When your dream customers can find you easily, they’re more likely to buy from you. And because your product is amazing and your website is effortless to use, chances are they’ll come back and tell others how good you are.

I write SEO copy for brands with meaning

Eco brands, small biz and hand makers are my favourite businesses to write for.

Why? Because we share the same values.

We prefer natural, sustainable materials.

We buy less and we buy well.

We love the detail and artistry of bespoke, handmade pieces.

SEO copy makes so much sense for brands who care about the environment. It gives your business maximum exposure to people who care about the same things you do.

It gives you huge digital impact with zero harm to the planet.

So, are you ready to do this thing?


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