Unboring product descriptions for small business

Is that even a thing?!

Yep! But so are those stale, emotionless product descriptions that are all over the internet like a toddler playing Lego in the lounge room.

But not on your site. Not anymore.

You know your product descriptions need to get you more visible online. Hello, SEO! And they need to work harder to get you seen. They need to show, not tell.

The best product descriptions show your audience:

  • How you solve their problem
  • How they can feel with your product
  • And how much better life can be

I write product descriptions for handmade brands and small business owners who want to get to the top of the Google rankings for their products. With emotive, keyword-rich copy, my product descriptions get your ideal customer reaching for their credit card quicker than you can say “Add to cart”!

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Product descriptions that get into your buyer’s head and heart

You just love doing your thing, making and selling your goodies. That’s your soul business and the heart you pour into every piece is clear for the whole world to adore.

You’ve also got a gazillion ideas and feelings about your brand but need help to write it for your website.

That’s what I’m here for.

I transform all those lovely thoughts floating around inside your mind into clickworthy SEO copy. By understanding your business and your buyers, I can get inside their heads. When I can think like your buyer, I can write in a way that emotionally connects and targets exactly the words they’re typing into Google to find what you’ve got.


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