Words for brands with meaning

I write SEO copy that gets eco and handmade brands found online.

 I create readworthy, Google-friendly words that connect with your audience. 

Cut-to-the-chase copy that tells your buyer what’s in it for them.

Words that tell your customer how you can solve their problem.

Words that get hearts connecting, minds dreaming, “Buy now” buttons clicking.

My copy puts your business in front of your customer’s eyeballs, right when they are ready to buy.

But wait. How do you know I’m the right SEO copywriter for you?

You’re an established brand with a clear idea about what you stand for, who you serve and what sets you apart.

You want copy that takes your brand from DIY to “oh my!” 

You know SEO is important but need help to get it right.

You like a down-to-earth style of writing.

You want a website that sounds like you but you just can’t find the right words.

Sustainability is important to you. And to your buyers.

They’re well informed, conscious consumers.

They expect a website that reflects the quality of your product or service.

If these things make your heart shine, I’m your girl.

Ready to roll?

What kind of copy do you need?


Be visible online with
copy your customers will love.



Don’t stare at your
blank screen
any longer.  Hand the job
over to me!



Unboring product
descriptions. They’re a
thing! And your
customers deserve them.



Keep it real estate with
insightful property
descriptions and agent

Trusted by…

Rachel and I have worked together on the website copy for my new property negotiation business and it has been a seamless process. We asked Rachel to clean up my original copy and in doing so we have seen the different customer landing pages in use see significant engagement upswing almost immediately. I highly recommend her services, it’s fast, accurate and good value.
Scott Aggett, Hello Haus


I loved working with Rachel. She really took the time to get to know me and my brand which shows in the copy she created for my wholesale brand book. I will definitely be using her again in the future.
Marianne Goldman, Bare + Free


Shine Copy has done just that.. Made us shine! Nailed the brief, hit all the time lines we asked and went over and above to ensure we shone for launch day!
Damien, Green Caffeen

I had no idea that copywriting was even a ‘real’ thing! But I am so, so glad that I was able find you. There is no way I would even be close to finishing in months what you were able to do in hours! You are so, so valuable!
Megan Lines, Essential Market

Rachel re-wrote my entire website to give it a more professional yet personality-filled feel to help me connect with the type of client I want to work with. Rachel understood from the get-go what I wanted to achieve, and even when I threw her a curveball of changing direction in my business, she took the challenge on and nailed the brief. I couldn’t be happier with the work Rachel provided!
Karlie Plowman, Techno Bird

Thank God for Rachel! Starting a business is so overwhelming but people like her make it easy and enjoyable. She is different to others as she takes pride in getting to know you, your brand, your goals. Reading what she put together for me I felt as though she loved and believed in my brand as much as I do. Drafts were tiny tweaks but she pretty much nailed it first go! She is honest, reliable and is worth every dollar, having a professional copywriter was one of the best things I did.
Daleeda Zoora, Once Upon A Flower

Rachel is a dedicated, detail-driven copywriter who delivers excellent value. She’s our go-to copywriter who can take on any direction I provide her and serve up a well considered approach. She makes communicating our message efficient and effective with great intuition.
Paul Jackson, Danes Specialty Coffee


Rach, you are incredible! Not often I’m short for words but this is one of those rare times 😂 I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work on this project that is very dear to me.
Phillipa Jones, Flip & Co


Rachel has been an absolute pleasure to work with for North Shore Mums. She really makes sure she understands your brand to get the right message and voice across. She’s invaluable in improving SEO, which is just vital for any online business. Thanks so much Rach, you shine bright!
Rachel Chappell, North Shore Mums


Rachel was just fabulous to work with. She spent the time to listen and understand and that made a significant difference. I was so pleased with outcome, she got me and she got my business. Thank you Rachel you are wonderful!
Kristine Daw, Founder

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