Why SEO is important for small business

Is your small business struggling to get seen online? Sounds like your website is not SEO-friendly. SEO = search engine optimisation. If your SEO is not done well it means that your site isn’t on Google’s radar so you don’t rank in the top results for your keywords – for whatever it is you’re selling.

SEO is a fine art. Most small business owners don’t get it. That’s ok. You’re focused on doing what you do best.

SEO copywriters live and breathe SEO.

SEO is what puts dinner on our tables and coffee in our cups!

What makes SEO such a big deal?


You get to speak to your buyer at the exact moment they are ready to buy.  If you run a mobile dog wash and a customer Googles “mobile dog wash Balmain” because they want to book a pooch wash right now, you need to be at the top of the search results.

That’s how you get clicks, customers, and the Holy Grail of business – conversions.

If you’re at the top, you could get 33% of all clicks for your search keywords. Second place gets you around 17% of clicks. The higher your website ranks, the more clicks you’ll scoop up.

We all want a quick solution. Attention spans are short. Time is precious.

Think about when you do an online search. You fire up Google, type in what you need, hit enter and the results appear. How often do you scroll to the bottom of the results page? Hardly ever. So you wouldn’t want your website to be nestled down there, or worse – on the next page.

How do you rank up the top? You need the right copy in the right places. You need a word goldsmith who can make your website shine!


SEO copy for brands with meaning

Hey there! I’m Rachel Green, an SEO copywriter who gets meaningful businesses found online. I work with handmade brands, eco-focused business and small biz to create readworthy, Google-friendly websites that tell your customers you’ve got what they need. I write copy that connects with your audience and that targets the key words for which you want to be found.