The power of personalisation

Small in size, big in love – that’s how we roll in small business!

My love for small business (and copywriting) was confirmed this week.

Standing at my letterbox I opened a parcel I’d ordered online from a small business. Nestled in there with my compostable bamboo toothbrushes was a handwritten note from the team at Flora & Fauna thanking me for my purchase. Impressive!

I was touched to receive this personalisation. It instantly reaffirmed my decision to buy from a small business. My brand awareness of Flora & Fauna just moved up a notch. A big notch. Most importantly, I became emotionally connected. This is the value of personalisation in communication with our small biz customers.

Personalisation gives us small biz entrepreneurs an opportunity that big organisations just can’t compete with.

Sure, direct mail can be personalised down to the maximum dollar amount a charity knows you’re able to give. Fly Buys emails you an discount on the cereal and yoghurt you buy on the day you do your weekly grocery shop. Telstra offers customers in your suburb a day of free downloads because they had an all-day outage there.

Big business will never be able to customise their service like we small business owners can. We can connect with our customers in an even more real and useful way.

Take the barista who knows you order a cap with two: that creamy elixir is filling the cup the moment you walk in. A mechanic, who gives you a lift home, services your car, then picks you up when it’s done. A personal trainer who will do an extra early session at 4.30AM because that’s the only time you can squeeze it in your schedule.

Love like this builds authentic relationships. It reinforces the reason customers choose to buy from us. It generates repeat business. It gets customers talking about us.

That handwritten note from the eco-supplier created a rapport. It hooked me. I’ll tell others about them. I’ll be back for more.

Isn’t that exactly how you’d like your customers to behave?


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Hey there! I’m Rachel Green, an SEO copywriter who gets meaningful businesses found online. I work with handmade brands, eco-focused business and small biz to create readworthy, Google-friendly websites that tell your customers you’ve got what they need. I write copy that connects with your audience and that targets the key words for which you want to be found.