Small business tip: tell your Instagram tribe where to go

Photos make Instagram a pretty place to be, but it’s the copy that captures your tribe. Effective copywriting hinges on a powerful call to action. So not being able to direct your Instagram followers to your choice of links is super frustrating.

Copywriter tip add multiple links in Instagram bio

Instagram is an enigmatic beast. It’s vital for small business but love it or loathe it, you’ve gotta be there to reach your customers. Until recently, Instagram has only allowed you to have one link in your bio.

Enter a fantastic new tool called Linktree. It allows you to have as many links as you like in your bio. Winning!

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Head over to Linktree
  2. Sign in with your Instagram username and password
  3. Copy and paste the custom URL Linktree creates into your Instagram profile
  4. Enter in your links and type in a name for each
  5. That’s it! You’re ready to start driving people to your site!

This is what my Instagram profile and Linktree look like:

add multiple links to instagram bioshine copy linktree

Another useful Linktree feature is that it provides metrics on how many people have clicked each link. Awesome news, especially if you’re a direct response copywriter like me.

Thanks to Linktree we can simultaneously showcase promos, events, podcasts or sales directly through Instagram.  Linktree makes it even easier for you to tell your tribe how you want them to behave and where you want them to reach you online.

And did I mention it’s FREE? What’s not to love! Go and get started!


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