SEO Copy audit

SEO Copy Audit for small businessWant more sales and a better Google ranking now?

“Yep, I’ll take two”, said every clever ladystartup, ever.

Then they reached for a custom SEO Copy Audit, saw their business go kabOOm and wondered why they didn’t do this sooner.

In my SEO Copy Audit you’ll learn easy ways to catapult your ranking so you too can get more traffic, customers and conversions. It’s a fast pass to growth and visibility for small businesses who want to take things from DIY to Google domination.

Your website is good. But it could be ahhhmazing!

And it can bring you more customers.

Let’s do a quick check…

Logo. Love it.

Design. Beautiful.

Words. Errrrgghhh!

And that techno SEO gobbledygook stuff? Just don’t go there.

Ignoring your SEO copy is costing you profit, customers and growth.

Because your customers can’t see you when they search for you on Google.

They’re not finding you because you’re not there.

No one looks beyond page one of the search results.

Can you even remember the last time you scrolled past the first few results on Google? Nup, neither can your customers.

Today is the day you catapult your brand to where you know it can be.

With my SEO Copy Audit you will:

  • Climb the Google rankings
  • Get more website traffic
  • Convert browsers into buyers
  • Connect with customers who are looking for exactly what you sell
  • Improve your visibility
  • Increase your credibility
  • Attract more of your dream customers

What’s included in your SEO Copy Audit for $299 + gst

Your customised SEO Copy Audit is designed to show you the weaknesses in your on-page SEO and explains:

  • What’s missing
  • How to fix it
  • And why you need to

You get all of this:

  • Copy and content analysis for five pages of your website
  • Home page clarity and quality check
  • Keyword analysis and recommendations across your meta titles, meta descriptions, URLs, headings and copy
  • CTA audit and recommendations
  • FREE alt text and file name check, plus suggestions
  • FREE back door SEO check
  • All explained in plain English with a handy glossary in a Word document

C’mon, let’s tick SEO copy off your to do list and get your website at its bizchanging best.



Rachel, that was honestly one of the best investments into my business.

 It is SO detailed. It was clear, and the structure worked really well. I understood it all (which, is saying something because it’s all usually a bit over my head!)

 Thank you so much for this. Such an asset!

Brooke Biro, Brooke Biro Photography

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