How to choose a copywriter

Picking an SEO copywriter is a huge decision. The key is to find the right copywriter that aligns with
your brand, writes in a style that suits your vibe and who will do the job at a fair price. 

That’s a lot of boxes to tick.

Putting your business in the hands of a copywriter is an investment, with long term impact that will shape the future of your brand. 

So how do you choose the SEO copywriter that’s best for your business? 

Use this guide as a checklist for when you’re choosing a copywriter and the overwhelm is paralysing you. Calm yourself mama, grab a cup of tea and walk with me through my guide to choosing a copywriter. 

How to choose the best SEO copywriter

 Cast your net wider than your network

Just because you know an SEO copywriter, doesn’t mean they’re the right one for you. It’s handy if you know

a word wrangler, but don’t rely on that familiarity alone to fulfil your needs.  

Are your brands aligned? Do they write in a style that feels right? If you’re a hand maiden or an eco
product retailer, you probably don’t want a medical copywriter crafting your words.

Open up your search – ask in Facebook groups, see who your peers have used, Google copywriters in

your niche.  

Get a feel for the different approaches on offer, make a short list and then get into the research.

 Scope out their digital digs

 If SEO copy is on your shopping list, you’ll want to see that any SEO copywriter you suss out has got

their own SEO sorted. 

Keywords for copywriters are notoriously competitive – so don’t be put off if the one in your sights doesn’t

rank on the first page of Google. The copywriters who are there for the popular search terms have worked at getting to those top spots for years.

Instead, look for consistency in the URL, meta title, meta description, headings and use of keywords within each page of their website. For my own site, tap over to my About Page Copywriting page and you can see that it’s optimised to target the phrase “About page copywriting”. That phrase, or variations of it, is used in the meta title, the headings, the body copy, alt titles and the call to action.

Do you dig their style?

So you’ve got your short list and you can see if the SEO copywriter in question can walk the walk, its time to see if you like their style.

Does the way they write on their own site appeal to you? Does it make you feel welcome, connected and like they really get you?  

Or does it make you curl your toes and bite your lip? If it’s the latter, put a line through them and

look to others. 

Now’s the perfect time to ask for samples of recent work, especially for brands they’ve written for in your niche.

  Tips to choose the best SEO copywriter

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Make it personal 

 A copywriter who is willing to have a thorough chat, answer your questions and give you some time

to sound them out in an initial enquiry is likely to be a safe bet. They know that spending some time with you and addressing your concerns is the perfect way to get a feel for what it could be like to work together.

Talking to your short-listed SEO copywriters is an immediately effective way of deciding if a copywriter is right for you. From the way they explain things to how they tackle tricky questions, it all helps give you a sense of synergy.

Let’s talk money, honey

If your SEO copywriter is still on the hit list, it’s time to ask for a quote. Expect a detailed estimate that lays out the process, what you get, how many rounds of revisions are included – and their terms of service. This info sets the boundaries so you both know what’s expected of each other and what you’ll end up with once the work is complete.

Remember, copywriting is an investment. It’s not cheap as chips. And if you find a copywriter who is – RUN! You generally get what you pay for. 

Go with your gut 

Gut feeling always wins. In all business decisions, listen to that inner voice. It’s wiser than you think! 




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Hey there! I’m Rachel Green, an SEO copywriter who gets meaningful businesses found online. I work with handmade brands, eco-focused business and small biz to create readworthy, Google-friendly websites that tell your customers you’ve got what they need. I write copy that connects with your audience and that targets the key words for which you want to be found.